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Micro-Mini T-Shirt Launcher
The Micro-Mini t-shirt launcher is easy to carry, shoots great at ranges up to 150 feet, and easily reloads. This t-shirt gun is a favorite at school, college, camp, sport, and fundraising events! Confetti/Streamer Launcher
This double duty launcher lets you launch confetti OR streamers - the two most exciting party enhancers! Color coordinate with your wedding, shower, school function, sports team, or birthday party!

Candy Launcher
Our candy launcher adds excitement to your parades, floats, parties, and events to kids and adults alike!

Rental Cost:

T-Shirt Launcher: $75.00 for 24 hours.
Each additional 24 hours is $50.00. CO2 tank rentals is filled $15.00. A 20 oz CO2 tank launches between 20 and 30 t-shirts, quantity depends on weight of shirt, temperature, humidity,and distance/angle of shot

Confetti, Streamer or Candy Launchers: $10.00 for 24 hours. Each additional 24 hours is $5.00

Confetti or Streamer Sleeve with CO2 cartridge: $10.00 each

Candy Launcher CO2 cartridge (good for one launch): $1.00 each

Available for pick-up at the FunStuf Rentals Superstore.