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    Leap of Faith

    Are you brave enough to scale the cliff and leap off? Start by climbing up the narrow cliff stairs to the top of the cliff. Look down at the red bull’s-eye that shows you exactly where to jump into the super-soft Zero Sock landing bag. Our air bag landing system is based on a series of vertical pillar-shaped inflated fingers, which act like huge shock absorbers. When grouped together in a landing area they create a soft cushioning effect similar to jumping into water.



    Leap of Faith
    Rental Cost: $400.00 per day

    See Delivery Map Click here for details.

    6.25% MA sales tax is additional.
    Requirements: One 20 amp outlet within 100' of set up area

    A minimum area of 25' x 15' is needed, height is 19'

    Grass is the best surface to set this up on, but combos can be set up on pavement and indoors.

    Adult supervision is required.

    Capacity: One person to jump at one time. There is no weight limit.
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