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Double Lane Slip-N-Slide

Ollie Gator Alley

Junior Slip-N-Slide


Rental Cost: Junior $200.00 per day

Single Lane $250.00 per day

Double Lane $300.00 per day

See Delivery Map Click here for details.

6.25% MA sales tax is additional.
Requirements: One 20 amp, 110 volt outlet within 100 feet of the inflatable.

A garden hose that reaches the slide to provide slide with water.

A minimum area of 15' x 35'. It must be level, clean, and free of any overhead branches or wires.

Grass is the best surface to operate inflatables on. They can be set-up on blacktop.

One adult to supervise the inflatable at all times.

All slip-n-slides have a protective wall at the end so kids don’t slide off!

Capacity: Approximately 300 children can go through the slide in an hour.
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