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Water Wars

Our brand new water balloon wars is a unique inflatable game where individuals launch water balloons at each other from opposing ends of an inflatable game complex. Participants fill a bucket of water balloons then head to their launching area where they place the balloon in the bungee launcher, pull back and let it fly trying to splash their opponent on the opposite end. It's great fun and way to stay cool on any hot summer day!

Water Wars
Rental Cost: $500.00 per day

See Delivery Map Click here for details.

6.25% MA sales tax is additional.
Requirements: 50’x10’ is needed.

The customer needs to supply balloons, water, and a garden hose to fill balloons. We do not supply balloons.

Area must be level, clean and free of overhead wires or branches.

One adult to supervise at all times.

Capacity: 2 people/teams battle at a time.
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