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Water Wheel

The water wheel is designed for land, lakes, harbors, rivers or sea. The water wheel is the most thrilling new sports/exercise out on the market. Surf the river, whitewater, ride the ocean waves, or take a leisurely walk on a quiet lake. This piece is a human powered inflatable water wheel that is great fun and great exercise. The wheel has a mesh track that runs along the center to allow you to build up speed or to slow yourself down.

Water Wheel
Rental Cost: $100.00 per day

See Delivery Map Click here for details.

6.25% MA sales tax is additional.

Requirements: Safe, supervised body of water.

Adult supervision at all times.

Can be blown up by any shop vacuum.

Capacity: 1 person in water wheel at a time.
This item is available for pick-up at the FunStuf Rentals Superstore.